Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Digital Citizenship inside Middle Level Classrooms

Here is a Prezi that I created to give you an understanding on what Digital Citizenship is and what makes a good digital citizen. I identify the importance for implementing this and the issues that arouse with it, along with giving examples and good resources to provide and help a teacher better their classroom. I hope you find it educational!

My Presentation  <--- link

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Learning to Unlearn

Students are usually taught by the ways that have been taught for generations. At one time they may have been successful in helping students learn, but after learning and realizing that not all students are the same nor do they learn the same. Instead of continuing with these same methods and material we should adapt to a new generation and differentiate.

To become a successful educator, teachers need to unlearn unsuccessful habits. Instead of teaching the exact same thing, the exact same way, teachers should take charge with their own style and provide different ways to help their students achieve their higher potential. Also, teachers should unlearn that every student should be assessed at the same level. Differentiation is the key to a successful classroom.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interactive Whiteboards in Today's Classroom

Interactive white boards are the newest forms of technology within the classroom. You can find one in just about every classroom today. IWBs are being looked at as a great classroom tool that can increase class participation and lead to an increase in higher test scores. The huge downside to having one of the IWBs, is that they are on the pricier side, which always brings up the argument on whether these boards are worth it.
Through my experiences with IWBs, I personally have had great interactions and outcomes with them. Almost every single one of my classes in high school had an IWB. My teachers were pretty well trained on how to use them, so I saw them as a highly effective learning tool. The boards could be used as a great way to differentiate within a classroom due to the amount options the boards have. Rather than a boring chalk board, students can interact with the lesson plans all form one board. BUT, I also saw times where these boards were definitely a waste of time and money. I have come to a conclusion that the teacher is what makes the IWB a good tool and that is all it should be used for.  
There is always the argument of whether or not these IWBs are worth it. Teachers and school districts have really bought in on the idea of needing to have the best and newest technology to be an innovative school. These boards are great, but the cost for them is in the thousands of dollars range. Is this cost worth it for a better education? I think so. These boards are the future tool for learning.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


My understanding of differentiation is that every person is different and that they will all learn in different ways. Because of this, teachers need to differentiate in the classroom. I understand that to differentiate a classroom, a teacher needs to provide the students with options. Creating lessons that involve different ways to achieve the common goal are key to a successful and fair classroom.

A typical classroom will be very diverse. I realized this through my experiences with the students I chose for my classroom. All three of my students were completely different. I had to accommodate for each one's weaknesses. I was forced to differentiate my classroom in order for my students to succeed. I must allow different ways and options for everyone to understand material. 

Teachers could use technology to help differentiate in the classroom. Students have different learning styles and technology could be a ways for some students to benefit in learning. Through technology there are so many different tools, so a lesson could be differentiated by taking advantage of these options.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Twitter and Me

I am brand new to twitter, and so this was my first experience using it. I had some trouble understanding the purpose of using twitter as a teaching tool, but after going through some examples on how to benefit from using it, my mind has been changed. I ran into some problems on how to use a tweet for a purpose, but i later saw some meaning with the group quiz we took.  I thought it was awesome that our class collaborated to complete the questions assigned from the chapter. I think it worked out great, because even the people that didn't read were able to learn from what others were tweeting. The challenge of using twitter is the same as using the internet with knowing what information is actually significant or legit. The purpose of using this technology in teaching with twitter would be to have the students collaborating and working together to achieve a common goal; just what a connected learner should. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Final Frontier


Students are in need of teachers who can teach and be connected.  Technology is a huge part of students lives and a huge part of how our world runs. Connected learners need connected teachers. Teachers need to set aside their fears and beliefs and adapt and integrate this new system of learning and teaching.  A goal for a teacher is to have their students be able to succeed. So, using technology is one more great way to achieve that!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hi, I'm Brent. I am a freshman at Edinboro and I am studying as an Education Major. I plan to be a future middle school math teacher. I know with becoming a teacher I will need to learn more about technology.  I believe that students learn much easier through technology. To me, I feel as if it is easier for students to work and communicate through these means, because how much interaction they have with it. 
Teachers will be able to utilize the advantages of these tools so they are able to co-operate, collaborate, and communicate on the same level.  I think that if educators implement technology into their lesson plans and classrooms, then it will help students obviously learn within those sorts of sources. This is great, because students will later in life actually need to be required to have this knowledge of technology for future jobs and tasks.  
With tools and technology aside, I believe a great teacher is someone who can make learning fun and easy but is still very knowledgeable. I believe that teaching isn't just about having the kids learn the material, but teaching them life skills and self-improvement. Teachers should guide students into the right direction and give them confidence to pursue what ever.